ADVANTAGES. Working out on the BAKKABOARD® is more enjoyable and advantageous than using a traditional step-board.
The addition of air-cushioned legs to a step-board provide a genuine rebounding effect, in which core muscle groups are developed in a safe manner. This enables the user to perform rebounding exercises and stepboard exercises on the same device!

„We use the BAKKABOARD® in our circuit training.
They are used every day for 8 hours! We can highly recommend these Boards.“
Stefan Schiller
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The large BAKKABOARD® exercise area enables a wide range of running and jumping exercises on the BAKKABOARD®. Under pressure, the special design of the legs allow for superior shockabsorption, which cushions the landing of a jump perfectly and evenly distributes the pressure. This means that stepping, running, and jumping exercises of high intensity and long duration can be performed with minimal impact on the joints.

INNOVATION. Four patented, air-cushioned removable legs guarantee shock-absorption and intensive applications in different exercises, while the non-slip and durable platform ensures an adequate grip to keep you on your feet. As the legs can be quickly assembled or removed, the BAKKABOARD® is easy to set up or stow away for convenience.
IMPACT. Training with the BAKKABOARD® optimizes your endurance, improves your coordination, increases your sense of balance, and boosts your athletic performance. Yet, the board also improves your core strength as the result of the board’s design, which forces the user to develop his or her stability.

The special feature and trademark of the BAKKABOARD® is in the upward and downward movement of the air-cushioned legs, a unique technology that is especially suitable for balance and stabilization exercises. Combined with the unique surface grip, the board improves in particular your sensory-motor functions when performing standing, running and jumping exercises.

TARGET GROUP. The BAKKABOARD® addresses the full spectrum of user groups - from novice exercise participants to professional athletes; from children to seniors citizens. The board can be used in countless ways, and is equally suitable both for individual and group training sessions. As the applications of the BAKKABOARD® are vast, nearly all forms of movement related to walking, stepping, running and jumping can be utilized. The BAKKABOARD® also has tremendous implications for physical therapy exercises, as balance, strength, and stability exercises can be safely performed on the board.
SCIENTIFIC STUDY. The BAKKABOARD® has been scientifically tested in controlled studies by Prof. Hermann Schwameder at the Institute for Sport and Sports Science of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).
The results of his studies suggest that a workout with the BAKKABOARD® will achieve the following:

  • The workout will be very gentle on the joints
  • The user will increase endurance and coordination
  • Balance and stabilization will be developed
  • There will be an improvement of the sensory-motor functions when performing standing, running and jumping exercises
  • There are a very wide range of applications, both in terms of the target groups and in terms of practice and training opportunities

Simply put, the BAKKABOARD® offers a new training experience with more fun on the move !